When you can’t get the author, bring this book

No matter how many books she’s written that your book group loves, Amy Tan probably won’t be able to fit your next discussion into her schedule.

What do you do when you can’t get Amy and Edwidge is booked, too? Bring The Secret Miracle by Daniel Alarcon to book group.

The Secret Miracle by Daniel Alarcorn

The Secret Miracle by Daniel Alarcon

Mr. Alarcon sent a bazillion surveys to all the writers he knew (and some he didn’t) asking them the burning and boring questions about the writing process. All the traditional questions are here: Where Do You Get Your Ideas and Do You do Any Research?

The discussion fun is in the answers: Stephen King responds “no” to the research question and Michael Chabon says humor is “not important. Just kidding.”

The Secret Miracle will certainly provide some discussable points on the authors and how they shape these worlds and residents of their many pages, but book groups will likely discover other books to read and talk about after reading pithy answers from other authors.

Who wouldn’t go looking for the book written by the author who considers a successful day “one in which he does not shoot himself and is nice to his wife”?



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