Some Grownups Aren't Nice

A reivew of one of the books in the new Helping Hands series by Sarah, Duchess of York, will appear in the Back to School Roundup in the August issue of Booklist. But this entry in the series caught my eye: Ashley Learns About Strangers. A red-headed girl gets lost in a store. All ends well, but Ashley’s parents inform her some grownups are “not nice, even if at first they may seem to be.”  A list of things to remember about strangers follows: You’ll be much safer with people you know. Don’t talk to strangers. And definitely  don’t take a their candy or treats.

Oh Sarah, Duchess of York, such wise advice.  It’s the treats that will get you in trouble every time.



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Ilene Cooper spends most of her day looking at, assigning, and reviewing (some) of the 7,000 children's books that are published each year in her role as contributing editor at Booklist. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Ilene.

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  1. Keir Graff says:

    As reported in Publishers Lunch, Fergie told the crowd at BEA: “I should have taken a page from my own book, Ashley Learns About Strangers,” said the Duchess, also known as Fergie, to laughter from the group. “Or Matthew and the Bullies.”

    Then the PL author wryly added: “The crowd seemed slightly puzzled as to who the Duchess thought needed forgiveness and who was being bullied.”


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