Possible Pick: All Is Vanity by Christina Schwarz

It’s my turn to pick a book for the next local discussion group I’m in, and I’ll admit to taking the lazy way out – I’ve picked a book that not only have I read already… but I’ve also already led  discussions of it  – at three different libraries.  But in my defense, since I know it makes for a great discussion, that’s why I picked it!

All Is Vanity by Christina Schwarz is the story of Margaret, an aspiring author, and her best friend, the easily impressionable  Letty.   Despite crippling writer’s block, Margaret has quit her job and given herself one year to complete a novel.  Letty has moved with her husband and children to an exclusive neighborhood in Los Angeles, and is finding it hard to keep up with the wealthy neighbors.  When she starts calling Margaret for advice, Margaret begins to egg Letty on to spend more and more and get herself deeper and deeper in financial trouble… so that Margaret can turn around and write about it.  JUICY!

This novel has plenty to discuss – the perils of a “keeping up with the Joneses” society; consumerism in general; lies; female friendships.

The Ballantine trade paperback should have discussion questions included in the back – here’s a link to them as well.




About the Author:

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