Reading the Screen: It's No Mystery Why Bones is So Popular

The season finale of Bones, the television series based on the Kathy Reichs 250px-bones_title_cardnovels about Temperance Brennan, the crime-solving forensic anthropologist, is scheduled to air on May 20 — which is all the excuse I need to hype Reichs’ upcoming book, Spider Bones.

It’s not officially published until August, but I’ve read it, and it’s very good, with a nifty little case of  mistaken identity — or maybe it’s identity theft? — involving a couple of corpses.

206-bones206 Bones, the previous Brennan novel, is due in mass market paperback in June. If you didn’t read it last year in hardcover, you missed out on one of the best books in the series.

Meanwhile, while you wait in breathless anticipation for those books, check out my article on the similarities and differences between Reichs’ novels and the TV series.



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