Book Trailer Thursday: Basher Books Series

Vampires, serial killers, faeries, romances–if you want book trailers for these subjects, I’d like to introduce you to a website called YouTube. Say goodbye to the rest of  your work week.

But trailers for series nonfiction books for youth? Inconceivable! Despite being one of the few segments of publishing that seems to keep growing, their usual workhorse topics–science, biographies, sports, animals–just don’t cry out for the get-your-blood-pumping treatment.

Or do they?  Kingfisher has launched a handful of book trailers that are as snappy as anything else out there. Two trailers from the Kindgom series (Micro Monsters and Savage Safari) come off like the next great Discovery Channel show, full of ravenous bugs and screeching tigers. But it’s the trailer for the Basher Book series that is most impressive. Titles like The Periodic Table and Rocks and Minerals may not sound exciting, but the trailer–done in an amusing 1950s-style–is every bit as unexpected in its approach as Basher is himself.

Verdict: Exciting! Kingfisher clearly knows they have unique books on their hands. Why not flaunt them?



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Dan Kraus is Booklist's Editor of Books for Youth. He is also the producer and director of numerous feature films, most notably the documentary Work Series, and the author of several YA novels, including Rotters and Scowler, both of which won the Odyssey Award. Follow him on Twitter at @DanielDKraus.

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