Mieville wins Arthur C. Clarke Award

the-city-the-cityThe third time is a charm, as were the first and the second time, for China Mieville. He is the first ever 3-time winner of the Arthur C. Clark award, on this occasion for The City & The City. Some wonder if his book really qualifies as science fiction, being more fantasy than sci-fi, and more crime thriller than fantasy. Mieville addressed his dissenters this way:

“I think these debates are silly – genre is a moveable feast, but some people do ask these questions,” he said. “What I don’t want to do is disavow the fantastic tradition I come from. This is a book from within the fantasy tradition, which hopefully can also be a perfectly faithful crime book – and a good book.” [“China Miéville wins unprecedented Arthur C Clarke award triple,” by Alison Flood, The Guardian]



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