Book Trailer Thursday: Vampire Rising (Alex Van Helsing)

Just a quick stab (shrieking violins!) today. Vampire Rising, the first book in the new Alex Van Helsing series, is right in line with what you’d expect from a boy-centric middle-grade update on the famous character: a 14-year-old with a famous surname learns his lineage, a teacher reveals himself to be an operative in a high-tech organization that hunts nefarious baddies, etc, etc. Plenty of fun, but none too surprising.

So what’s up with this trailer? With its horror-film b-roll and sounds of a chain saw (why a chain saw? Nobody knows!) set to an industrial beat, it feels like something concocted by Rob Zombie. I love it, but it’s totally at odds with the modern attitude and gadgetry of the book.

Verdict: Conflicted. Fans of Svengooli will eat this up. Calling all 14-year-old Svengooli fans! Uh, anyone? Anyone?



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    For what it’s worth, there’s actually a second version, slightly different text and pull quote, here:

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