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I’d really like to thank folks for the comments on my post about the mom’s book group. Most of you agreed that I needed to poll the group, and not just assume that they wouldn’t want to read literary fiction.

Well, the results are in!  The members actually want a good mix of books – they nixed the idea of nonfiction parenting books, mainly because they didn’t feel those books would be very discussable.  (That being said, they did all want me to give them librarian-approved recommendations for their own reading,  which I will happily provide. )

While they want to do some traditional book group books (lots of recent book group faves were mentioned, ie, The Help, Life of Pi, etc), they were also very interested in the idea of all reading more “fun” women’s fiction.  It looks like we might alternate months, picking a “serious” book for one month, then a “light” read the next.

Now my job is to find “light”* women’s fiction books that will generate discussion!  I’ll be posting them here, and I hope you may even consider some for your group.

*yes,I keep putting “light” in quotes.  Why?  Because I don’t quite know how to express it – I don’t want it to be a negative connotation, as though a lighter read is less worthy of time or discussion. Does that make sense?  Frankly, the books I enjoy the most tend to be light, because I like to be entertained by my reading.



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Rebecca Vnuk is the editor for Collection Management and Library Outreach at Booklist. She is also the author of 3 reader’s-advisory nonfiction books: Read On…Women’s Fiction (2009), Women’s Fiction: A Guide to Popular Reading Interests (2014), and Women’s Fiction Authors: A Research Guide (2009). Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_RVnuk.

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  1. In the light category, I’d recommend The Wife’s Tale and Fireworks over Toccoa. Rebecca Wells also has a new one out in paperback (my group tends to pick books available in PB for cost) and you can typically trust Wells for a great “light” but discussable read.

  2. misha says:

    FYI–One nonfiction that would be discussable:

    For some light, fun fare try Jennifer Shortridge or Laurie Colwin (just spotted new reprint of “Happy All the Time”!)

  3. bspratford@hotmail.com' Becky says:

    We did Sandra Dallas’ The Persian Pickle Club which is lighter and it worked well. Here is the link to the post on our discussion: http://raforall.blogspot.com/2008/05/book-discussion-persian-pickle-club.html

    We have also done Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner (surprise, surprise) and Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons on the lighter side.

  4. mryan@cuyahogalibrary.org' Mary says:

    My personal book group liked Debra Gallant’s Rattled. When we read “light” , we want to laugh.

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