Weeklings: Book Review Bingo, Alec Baldwin's Bookmobile, Glenn Beck's Fiction Book, and More

A random assortment of things that have caught my eye over the last couple of weeks.

Book review bingo? I’m afraid to play it.

BookmobileAlec Baldwin bought a bookmobile (“Alec Baldwin Buys Massapequa Bookmobile,” by Irina Aleksander, New York Observer). I hope he’s not afraid to drive it.

How much did writers of yore earn at their day jobs? Lapham’s Quarterly has the answers. Not bad, Trollope!

I Wish Daddy Didn't Drink So MuchGlenn Beck is writing a “fiction book.”

HuffPo rounds up “The Creepiest Children’s Books Ever.”

On Salon, Laura Miller assembles a lineup of “Cinema’s Greatest Writer Villains.” Even with such strong competition, I still have to vote for Jack Torrance.

Sharon StoneItalian journalist Tommaso Debenedetti put words in the mouths of both Philip Roth and John Grisham. In fact, he didn’t talk to them at all before he published their interviews (“Counterfeit Roth,” by Judith Thurman, New Yorker). Epic career fail.

And, because no blog post this spring is complete without a mention of the iPad, here’s a link to David Pogue’s two-pronged review of the gadget (“Looking at the iPad from Two Angles,” New York Times). “And the techies are right about another thing: the iPad is not a laptop. It’s not nearly as good for creating stuff,” he writes. Where have we heard that before?

In related news, want to read a bedtime story to your kids — when you’re in a different city? Now you can.

Good question, Peter Miller: “But I have to ask, when does a publishing house stop being a publishing house and morph into an entertainment agency?”

And, finally, from Robert McCrum, a thought for the day:

What more surreal – and telling – commentary on the anglicisation of the modern world could there be than a demonstration by devout Muslims, in London, exploiting an old English freedom, and expressing it in the English language, to demand the curbing of the libertarian tradition that actually legitimised their protest?



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  1. icooper@ala.org' Ilene Cooper says:

    Let us not forget Glen’s foray into children’s literature — The Christmas Sweater.

  2. Keir Graff says:

    I was TRYING to forget that. Thanks a lot.

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