News break! Audios for canines!

Today Recorded Books announced Animal Acoustics: audiobooks made specially for your dog! This new product line will start shipping next week. Here’s more on this exciting April 1st announcement direct from Recorded Books:

Many people are already asking where this groundbreaking idea came from, and we were lucky enough to sit down with Recorded Books for Dogs creator Rex Woofsman. “We had a ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ around the office, and I was sitting in a sales meeting when it came to me,” recalls Woofsman. “My manager had been talking about branching out into untapped markets, and I looked around the room at man’s best friend. That’s when it hit me … dogs love to read, but it’s so hard for them to turn pages. So why not give them audiobooks instead?”

It took some convincing to get our New York studios to allow the new canine narrators into the building, but once they did, the idea really took off. “We were skeptical at first, but we’ve found that dog narrators are just as professional and at least as talented as their human counterparts,” said Caterina Purrows, Head Studio Executive. “We just love working with these pooches.”

Recorded on a special frequency that only your dog can hear, these audiobooks sound like mindless barking to us humans, but our lovable pets hear them as entertaining stories. When reached for comment, star narrator Spike the Dog said simply “Woof, woof woof.”

Launch titles include special Animal Acoustics versions of Marley & Me, The Dog Who Rescues Cats, all the Rita Mae Brown books, Jack London’s The Call of the Wild, Dog Days, Dog on It by Spencer Quinn, Animals in War, and Cesar Millan’s Be the Pack Leader.

“Early market viability reports have been extremely optimistic for this product,” said Max Fleischman, Vice President of Animal Operations. He then added, “How could they not be? After all, I’ve always said that if I was a dog, I would love to read Call of the Wild.”

Thanks largely to the success of dog narrators, Recorded Books will also be releasing the first ever books from dog authors. The following titles are currently being recorded for release this summer: Why Things Smell So Good, Crotches: The Forbidden Wonderland, Belly Rubbing Your Way to Financial Freedom, and The Rolled-Up Newspaper Murder, the first in a three-book series.

Plans are also already in the works for additional Animal Acoustics product lines, including Recorded Books for Cats, Recorded Books for Parrots, and the very in-demand Recorded Books for Hamsters.



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