Book Trailer Thursday: Gone

Australian Paul Murphy is a freelance producer who creates three to four book trailers per month. He’s also an avid reader of Book Trailer Thursday, and he contacted me recently to show off his latest work, a teaser for Mo Hayder’s fifth Jack Caffrey thriller, Gone. We get all kinds of self-promotion here at Booklist, so I admit that I was skeptical. But ladies and gents, Murphy is the real deal.

His email to me had the subject heading “Disturbing Book Trailer,” and he wasn’t whistling Dixie. This thing is downright terrifying. It begins with a title card:


This video contains extremely disturbing material.

Parental guidance is recommended.

What follows is purported footage from a parking lot security camera, which has been synced to a 911 call a woman made from inside the only visible car. There is a strange man wandering the lot, straying ever closer to her vehicle, and the woman can’t find her keys, and now the man is even closer, and where’s those damn keys

Chilling in its authenticity, the video takes your breath away with the swift menace of a good urban myth. Really, the last thing you expect is that book jacket at the end. What? This is a book? Must I read this book? Yes, in fact, I must!

Verdict: We have a winner. If I see a better book trailer all year, I’ll be shocked. Authors, may I suggest hiring the services of Mr. Murphy? If this trailer didn’t do it for you, try this one. Or this one. This guy is my new hero.



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  1.' Joel says:

    Wow, what a great idea to sell a book. Literature meets the 21st century….

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