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Reading the Screen: A Different Kind of Repo Man

Repo Men, the new movie starring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker, is based on a novel by Eric Garcia. You might be familiar with his series of books about a dinosaur private eye, the first being 1999’s Anonymous Rex. He also wrote Matchstick Men (2002), which Ridley Scott made into a movie.

Repo Men is a gritty near-future thriller with comic overtones — no surprise there, if you know Garcia’s work. It’s about a guy who repossesses artificial organs (artiforgs) when their owners can’t keep up the payments. But our man’s got his own artiforg, see, and he’s not going to be able to keep up his payments, either. Funny, messy, occasionally poignant, the book has a Blade Runnerish feel to it that I really like. The movie is getting mixed reviews, but there’s no debating the book’s quality: it’s excellent, and you should definitely read it.

Here’s the movie trailer. Check it out:



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