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Playaway upgrades sound quality

Improving sound to CD clarity through “HDAudio,” Playaway announces that their entire stock will now ship in a simplified player featuring new functionality and enhanced listening. Plus, there’s new trademark orange shelf packaging for library customers. When I wrote Playaway: Grab-and-Go Audio a year ago, the drawback mentioned by librarians was that the sound quality was not as sharp as that of CDs. Now every new audiobook title purchased in the Playaway format will be the improved version. Find out more about the new look & new sound on the Playaway website.



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Mary Burkey is a National Board Certified teacher-librarian in the Olentangy School District in Columbus, Ohio. Follow her on Twitter at @mburkey.

2 Comments on "Playaway upgrades sound quality"

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  1.' Dizzydog says:

    I am waiting for them to come out with a solar powered or crank model. Our library budget would be eaten alive by the cost of batteries if they became very popular.

  2.' Nancee says:

    Thank goodness! I was so excited, as a walker, when these became available. I was quickly disenchanted and went back to listening to CDs when I walked.

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