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IC-SPAN: Jenny Sanford's Dirty Dogs

Jenny Sanford has been making the rounds hawking her book, Staying True. Her visit to The Daily Show last night can be described in one word — awkward! Jon Stewart, for once, seemed at a loss for words (although he did notice, as I pointed out in my review, Sanford is adept at complimenting her husband and then turning it into a zinger). For her part, Sanford talked mostly about how much she misses the help provided to the Govenor’s Mansion: prisoners who were responsible for keeping up the rose garden and washing her dogs.

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  1.' Sue-Ellen says:

    I watched the rerun before reading your blog but not before reading the book review. My jaw almost dropped when she started talking about the inmates and her dogs and garden etc. Stewart seemed just as stunned as I was.

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