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New Year’s web crush

I’m not going to start off with any of that New Year’s resolution nonsense, because, let’s face it, have any of us ever made it through the year sticking to the guns we loaded last January? Do we know anyone who has?

Champagne ExplosionLet’s just all agree to be on a perpetual journey of self-improvement with interesting blue highways and no GPS.

The only new thing I want to mention today is this blog (which is my new favorite). It’s the Miami Herald’s book blog, Between the Covers: Inside books with Connie Ogle.

It is stuffed full of tidbits about the publishing industry, book reviews, some movie reviews, occasional sports commentary and lots of great wit. Connie has a wicked sense of humor, spot on evaluations and insights about books and publishing, and a penchant for Entertainment Weekly, Jane Austen, and Clive Owen.

I wonder if she would share Clive Owen? If not Clive, maybe a drink?

Resolve to surf over to this blog and make it a daily visit. It’s got more fizz than a bottle of champagne.



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