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41c99xnykql__sl160_Man Booker Prize-winner Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel presents several challenges for book groups. It’s long,  for one thing–more than 500 pages. And several reviewers have pointed out that readers would find the book easier going if they had some knowledge of Tudor history. If your 51nrux5xbql__sl160_1group is ambitious, Janet Maslin suggest in The New York Times that Alison Weir’s The Lady in the Tower is a good companion read. Wolf Hall is about Thomas Cromwell, who engineered Anne’s destruction; amd Weir’s book investigates her final months.



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Mary Ellen Quinn is the author of the Historical Dictionary of Librarianship (2014), the former editor of Reference Books Bulletin, and a long-time contributing writer to Booklist.

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  1. janwax@yahoo.com' Jan W. says:

    I’ve just finished Wolf Hall and wished it was even longer than 500 pages! As a would-be novelist, I’m struck that Mantel’s skills are formidable, enviable.

  2. valsherwell@bigpond.com' Val Sherwell says:

    This book whets the appetite I feel to find out more about the Tudors. The review in the Guardian and one in the New York Book Review are both wonderful. I, like others, have seen the various films on the wives of Henry VIII, and I have read the Wives of Henry VIII by Antonia Fraser, all fascinating. But one needs to know a lot more about Thomas Cromwell and the others. Happy reading anywa.

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