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"His skin is blue and there is no breathing" – Merry Christmas from Barry Gifford!

gifford_lgIf you like Christmas, but you’re not so fond of jollity, then here’s a stocking stuffer for you: “The Starving Dogs of Little Croatia,” a heretofore unpublished story by Barry Gifford (The Stars above Veracruz, 2006). ALA’s very own Rob Christopher, who brought the story to Chicagoist, sets the scene:

Picture, if you will, a vanished Chicago. The stockyards are still open. Richard J. is in City Hall. And a fresh wave of Croatian immigrants is settling into the fabric of the city; Edward “Fast Eddie” Vrdolyak, the son of Croatian saloonkeepers from the Southeast Side, is attending the University of Chicago Law School. Picture yourself on snowy West Chicago Avenue near Santa Maria Addolorata Church.

And, if you like that story, here’s another one from last year. (I liked it fine, although reading it next to two Flash ads nearly ruined the experience. And don’t bother listening to Dana Lavoie’s stunningly awful reading, in which he seems to be channeling Christopher Walken learning to read.)

Due to ALA’s winter-season festivities, I won’t be rounding up the Weeklings this week. Merry Freakin’ Christmas, everybody!



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