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Green Alert

News reports claim that most Americans are not worried about or even interested in hearing about climate change. It ranks last on the list of  things that keep us up at night, long after job fears and money woes. But the truth is, everything is connected. Answers to financial crises are found in new green industries and intiatives. And, sorry to say, we really should be concerned about the disruptive and potentially tragic consequences of global warming. That is why Dr. James Hansen, the NASA climatologist infamously censored by the Bush Administration, wrote his resounding book, Storms of My Grandchildren. That’s why Hansen got himself arrested during a protest against Big Coal. That’s why he talks about his vision for the future on NPR’s Morning Edition.

During the Copenhagen summit, we’ll be highlighting environmental books, including the forthcoming Eaarth by Bill McKibbon. We’ve been reading McKibben with high attention for a long time. Read what he had to say in an “At Length”  Booklist interview, a conversation sparked by the publication of his invaluable anthology, American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau.



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