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Other Public Figures Palin Comparison

help_momJust when it seemed Palinfest 2009 had run its course, comes the news, via a thought-provoking press release, that Sarah Palin has “achieved something else few public figures have: heroine status in a children’s book.”

Really? Never seen a book on Eleanor Roosevelt? Sacajawea? Harriet Tubman? Amelia Earhart? Golda Meir? Hillary Clinton? Sandra Day O’Connor? Sally Ride? Heck, even Stephenie Meyer is the subject of a comic book. And Palin’s not even the heroine. In the amusingly titled Help! Mom! Radicals are Ruining My Country!, Sarah only has a cameo.

“Governor Sarah, a Palin lookalike character sticks around only long enough to tell two boys with a swingset business she “wants to let all Americans know that these radicals are killing the American dream and I want to stop them . . . ”

sarah_winkThen, the boys are confronted by an all-out media campaign against Governor Sarah, full of lies. Young Tommy is appalled:

“I wonder if any of the kids at school are now going to think it is okay to spread untrue gossip about people”

Which is pretty much how children talk. Of course, in real life, some people have alleged that Governor Sarah spread “untrue gossip” of her own—her brother-in-law, Nicolle Wallace, Steve Schmidt . . . I’m just saying. But who can argue with the author’s reason for writing?

“In this internet age, we need to let our kids know that it is wrong to spread rumors and lies. Unfortunately, many so-called journalists have basically told children that this is permissible as long as you disagree with someone’s opinions.”

Birthers—take note!



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Ilene Cooper spends most of her day looking at, assigning, and reviewing (some) of the 7,000 children's books that are published each year in her role as contributing editor at Booklist. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Ilene.

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  1.' Joel Reese says:

    I hope she makes it clear to children that it’s most definitely not ok to pal around with terrorists.

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