Books our BBYA teens want most

book_questionmarkCindy: The hunt for holiday gifts has begun in earnest, and our teen BBYA club members have long lists that include books that they want Santa to deliver. Our group is so big this year that we’ve begun dividing them into two groups for more discussion opportunity at our meetings. Last week I had the 6th graders while Lynn had all the club veterans. We asked them what books they are most eager for. Here’s what they said:

6th Graders (in the order they gave them around the table):

  • Anything by Margaret Peterson Haddix (this girl thought she’d read them all until she saw our middle school collection!)
  • The Sable Quean by Brian Jacques, the newest Redwall book coming in Feb. 2010.
  • Another book by Ingrid Law (Maddie wants a sequel to Savvy)
  • Dragon by Jeff Stone (Feb. 2010–book SEVEN of the FIVE Ancestors series–kind of like book 4 of Paolini’s Inheritance TRILOGY??)
  • Peter and the Sword of Mercy by Barry and Pearson. (The boy was thrilled to hear we already had this new book in the Starcatcher’s series–Oct. 2009)
  • A new title in Cynthia DeFelice’s Ghost Mysteries series
  • Amulet #3 by Kazu Kibuishi
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid #5 (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?)
  • More Artemis Fowl by Ioin Colfer
  • The new Rick Riordan series (The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid is due out in May 2010 and will explore Egyptian mythology.)
  • Last book in the Eragon series (“Last” is such a final word. Our teens hope it’s not the last, they don’t want it to end.)
  • Book 8 of the Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley (due in May 2010)conspiracy-kings1
  • Anything by Sarah Dessen for my older sister! (thinking of others, aww.)
  • A sequel to Fate by Jennifer Barnes
  • J.K. Rowling. Please.

And what do I want most in my stocking? The Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner. Mark your calendar for March 23, 2010 for this continuation of The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, and The King of Attolia. Can’t WAIT.

Lynn: I had the veteran members of our club, ranging from 7th grade through high school seniors. They were very focused on the next books in some popular series. Since so many of them wanted the same books I am going to list the books rather and list each teen.

  • 3rd in Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins
  • 2nd Eon book by Alison Goodman
  • Bitter Blue by Kristin Cashore
  • 3rd in Gone series by Michael Grant
  • 3rd in Found series by Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • Next in series by Andy Briggs
  • Next Likely Story book by David Van Etten
  • Another in the Unicorn Chronicles by Bruce Coville
  • Next book in the Eric Rex series by Kaza Kingsley
  • Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer

They also requested a new book by Joan Bauer and more What My Mother Doesn’t Know books by Sonya Sones.

As for me – I’m with Cindy in wishing first for The Conspiracy of Kings. I’m also eager for Susan Campbell Bartoletti’s new book about the KKK, the third book in The Ask and the Answer series by Patrick Ness and the three 2010 additions to the Scientists in the Field series. Hey, if I’m going to wish, I’m going to wish big 😉



About the Author:

Cindy Dobrez and Lynn Rutan are Booklist reviewers and middle-school librarians who have chaired both ALA’s Best Books for Young Adults and the Michael L. Printz Award for YA Literature committees. Follow Bookends on Twitter at @BookendsBlog. You can also find Cindy at @cdobrez and Lynn at @482april.

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  1. How could I have forgotten to mention the Chaos Walking sequel to The Ask & The Answer? My only excuse is that I can’t even hope for that one yet, its pub date is too far away.–Cindy

  2.' Jennifer says:

    Three Scientists in the Field new books? Which are they? Is there anywhere with a definitive list? Every time I think I’ve found them all, another one pops up. Delightful but annoying!

    I bought Patrick Ness for our teens, but no takers yet. I need to wave it in some faces I guess.

    Oh boy, Sonya Sones yes. I’ve been at my current job 2 years – and I’ve replaced her books 3 times! I guess some kids can’t live without them!

    • A little bird told us about the three upcoming titles for 2010. I’m not sure if we can sing about them yet but I’ll ask. Let’s just say that I am totally geeked about the animals, authors and scientists involved. Hmmm – I definitely should have included this in my secret geek revelations.–Lynn

  3.' Jennifer says:

    Argh, another one I have missed! Somewhere there must be a complete list of these…maybe I need to make one.

  4.' Ross says:

    Another book my year 6 class really enjoyed was Ghostnapped by Ashley Howland. You can purchase this online at:

    Get ready for a ghastly, ghost-hunting mystery that will chill the very marrow in your bones! Ashley Howland makes her debut with a sensational spectral adventure that will ‘fright and delight’ kids and teens everywhere.

  5.' Brittany says:

    All I’m wishing for is more time to read all the books I have! And it would be nice if the Grand Rapids Public Library could get a copy of The Ask and the Answer, but I’ll be patient.

    And I swear me and my bag of books will be at the Dec. 16 meeting. Are pinky swears as effective over the Internet??

  6.' Fern says:

    If you liked Ingrid Law’s Savvy, check out its companion novel Scumble – Coming this summer!

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