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Let's Get Romantic

vol106n2cvrI have a confession to make. I was among the many who thought romance novels were silly. Formulaic, pure fluff. Damsels in distress. Ladies in long dresses and painful bodices. Men in puffy shirts. Then I became Booklist‘s romance editor. I scrutinized the wonderfully varied array of romance novels that arrived in the mail. I attended a Romance Writers of America conference, and learned that romance writers have amazing backgrounds. Many have PhDs, some are or have been doctors, lawyers, or police officers.  The same can be said about romance readers. I began working with a group of smart, enthusiastic, generous, funny, and talented freelance romance reviewers. Librarians who know the genre inside and out. I discovered that romance novels are sharply witty and unmistakably feminist.

You probably know all this. But maybe you’re like the old me. Either way, I can assure you that romance fiction is a thoroughly enjoyable subject to talk about.  It’s full of surprises; it’s always evolving, and romance experts are, well, passionate. I hope you’ll join us on November 12, 2009,  from 3:00 to 4:00 pm Central Standard Time for the first Booklist romance webinar.

I’ll be the moderator for a terrific group of presenters. Two of our romance reviewers and feature writers, John Charles and Shelley Mosley, will be talking about what makes the romance genre so enduringly popular, and about new trends. Participants will get an early look at forthcoming romance titles both to read and to listen to from Kayleigh George from HarperCollins and Cheryl Herman from Books on Tape. And best-selling romance writer Madeline Hunter, author of The Romantic, The Rules of Seduction, and Secrets of Surrender, among many others, will talk about the vital connection between romance writers and libraries, and how romance writers are partnership with libraries through the Romance Writers of America.

It’s free; it’s bound to be fun. Please join us. Just click the Webinar button on Booklist Online and register today!



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Donna Seaman is adult books editor at Booklist. Her radio interviews are collected in Writers on the Air: Conversations about Books (2005). Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Donna.

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  1. I believe that most romance novels are a reflection of the authors own experience or desires. I was fortunate to have had several romances before I found the perfect partner. All my writings include a romance that I experienced. Names and places were changed. However I don’t like pure romance novels. I like thrilling adventure novels with a passionate romance woven it.

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