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Bill Ott’s The Back Page: Book Party Like It’s July 2009

You may recall that, way back in the middle of last summer (or thereabouts), Time Out Chicago hosted a book launch party for Bill Ott’s new book, The Back Page. Well, Daniel Kraus, whose fingers must be smoking from all the videos he’s been editing of late, put together a nice overview of the event. Unfortunately for him, all he had was my decidedly amateurish video to work with. How hard is it, you ask, to push a single red button and hold a cigarette-pack-sized camera steady? Harder than it looks, apparently. And I don’t even have a typical book-launch-party excuse to fall back on, either: this public event was decidedly dry. (The blurry part is due to the digital zoom, I swear.)

Anyway, as I was transported back to that magical night across from the Harold Washington Public Library and under the El tracks, I was tempted to write a rollicking account of the proceedings, until I remembered that someone had already written one: the author himself.

So, if you like, cleanse your palate with my Story behind the Book by a Booklist Author, and then sip and savor Bill’s first-hand account (“You Ain’t No Koontz“) of the events of July 12, 2009. And then watch the video. (Click here for higher resolution.)

Oh, admit it, you already watched the video, didn’t you? Well, then, follow the links already.



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