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Book Trailer Thursday: All the World

Nothing new here. Just a proof of the old maxim “less is more.”

It takes only 36 seconds (22 if you don’t count the closing information!) for this video to perfectly encapsulate Liz Garton Scanlon’s All the World. It’s simple: if you like this trailer, you’ll like the book, and in that respect it’s hard to conceive of a more effect digital missionary.

I’m seeing more and more of the effect that involves disassembling a book’s artwork and reassembling it in such a way that different layers can be manipulated to affect a kind of motion.  (See the trailer for Leviathan for another great use of this technique.) It works splendidly here, with Marla Frazee’s warm depictions of waves churning, dogs playing, and kids scampering becoming somewhat more sophisticated without losing their innocent charm. The real-kid voice-over, imbued with just the right mix of satisfaction and melancholy, sells it pretty well, too: “All the world is you and me / everything you hear, smell, see. / All the world is everything / everything is you and me.” Even the informational screens are models of efficiency: author/illustrator (making sure to mention her Caldecott Honor!)/website/book jacket. Exit. Applause.

Verdict: A. It’s like a press release that you actually want to read.



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