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Webcomics wednesday: goin' mobile

I recently got one of them there iPod Touches (the less gifted cousin of the iPhone), and after about a minute of playing with the thing it became obvious that this was an ideal platform for comics–it’s essentially a pocketable panel. So off I went in search of comics that have embraced the technology, and came across the delightfully pointless Yon Kuma.


The comic follows Bunyon Paulsen as he wrassles with bears–as the artists themselves state, “YON KUMA is basically and excuse for us to write and draw fight scenes involving a kid beating the tar out of huge bears.” Which he does. Repeatedly. Direct, simple, and awesome.

But does it work on the wee gadget? For the most part, yes, in that most of the panels are a natural fit to the iPod’s screen, though a few of the irregularly shaped ones of course present some difficulties. But, I love the care that the creators took in retrofitting their comic to the mobile device, and it looks like more and more webcomics will employ this platform (the extra-geeky gem Erfworld, which I’ll get around to reviewing whenever I get fully caught up on the story, will soon be joining the fray). I heartily endorse such endeavors on pure neato factor alone.



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