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BBC’s Save Our Sounds

Very cool. User-submitted sounds from around the globe, from lemurs in Madagascar to monks in Phnom Pehn. Give a listen if you want to turn your tongue to a foreign twang or need to recreate an authentic sound effect. A great resource for sound engineers who want to echo some of these endangered sounds. Or pick up a digital sound recorder and submit your own addition! Listen in to BBC World Services’ Save Our Sounds.

save our sounds

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  1.' Pariuri says:

    Save our sounds, I like the idea that make this program come up. May be we think it is like going back to the past, when there was only radio in all over the world, but there’s nothing wrong to do the things like we did in the past, although I know that the internet-era had come up extensively in a few years ago. But, it hasn’t still reached yet all people in the world as radio did. Save our Sounds is a brilliant program.

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