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Webcomics Wednesday: Gunnerkrigg Court

Short post today, but I’d like to point you to one of my favorite webcomics, and one that made me unhate the color purple in one fell swoop (bad Northwestern grad!)–Gunnerkrigg Court. Earlier this year, the first 14 chapters were printed into a beautiful book comic by Archaia Studios with Orientation. If this panel from the very first page doesn’t convince you, nothing I write will.


In any case, Archaia’s coming out with volume two, Research, in November, but being the savvy reader that you are there’s no need to wait that long. And if you’re a fresh reader, the comic looks just as gorgeous on the monitor as it does in print, so head on over to where creator Tom Siddell has been chuggin along and is currently well into chapter 24.

And, if you need any more motivation, venturing into the world of Gunnerkrigg come highly Neil Gaiman-recommended. WWNGD? Read Gunnerkrigg Court is WNGWD, so go DWNGWD before WNGWD is get mad at you for not doing WNGWD.



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