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This month our staff book discussion subject was “Bestsellers”. Being the book discussion leader, I decided to reach for a mega-book discussion title that I had not yet read: Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.

Let’s get the negative off my chest: I did not find the writing style of this book very compelling.

However, that is only going to be a fault if the readers are not captivated by the story. How could you not want to read on about a guy who slept in his car and forgets to wear socks to a gala fund raiser yet manages to take on oxygen-less mountains, remote mountain roads and the Taliban to build schools for students in Pakistan and Afghanistan?

There are so many things in this book for a group to digest: How did Greg Mortenson manage to get to be a world famous philanthropist? Did he make all the right choices along the way? Is this the way to change the world? How is that all working out for him today? What can we learn from a culture we most likely do not understand?

Our staff did not have any problems discussing this book and I would recommend it to you. Discussion questions are available at Penguin and at About Bestsellers .

If your group really likes this book, recommend to them two others: The Photographer: Into War-Torn Afghanistan With Doctors Without Borders (see my account of this book) or Leaving Microsoft to Change the World. Live in peace.



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