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Book Trailer Thursday: God, the Universe, and Where I Fit In

From the book’s description:

In this no-holds-barred memoir, Levin shows how her tumultuous, inspiring, and passionate life led her on a quest for spiritual truth and authentic living. . . . Laurie relates ways to look into the reality of our present and future lives, and find lessons in our failures as well as our victories.

A spiritual memoir? To say the least, I would not camp out on Borders’ sidewalk to buy the first copy. In fact, if I was in the dentist’s office waiting for a root canal, I’d probably rather pick up that intriguing issue of Famous Dental Disasters. But herein lies the magic of the book trailer! Levin, whose biography touts her as a “an influential agent with CAA and a film producer before turning to a career and calling as a psychological and spiritual healer,” clearly still remembers a thing or two from her time in the Hollywood trenches. (Trenches? Who are we kidding? Box seats!) With chick-lit zeal, the zany cartoon rushes through a life of dancing dreams, movie deals, and wacko cults – all in 30 seconds.

Verdict: Take me to your leader. PW reports that the rather irrepressible trailer was created by a former Disney animator. And who can resist Disney? Apparently not me, because I’ll be damned (can I say that in reference to a spiritual memoir?) if I wouldn’t page through this the next time I found myself in that proverbial dentist’s office. I’m not saying I’m buying my tickets for the spiritual journey.  I just want to know more about that cult.



About the Author:

Dan Kraus is Booklist's Editor of Books for Youth. He is also the producer and director of numerous feature films, most notably the documentary Work Series, and the author of several YA novels, including Rotters and Scowler, both of which won the Odyssey Award. Follow him on Twitter at @DanielDKraus.

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  1. Keir says:

    Really? Lit class? It’s interesting that your teacher would choose a trailer with 83 views–and that you would use that book’s site URL in your signature.

    I don’t mean to be snarky. Every day we get–and delete–a lot of comments that are thinly veiled attempts to promote the commenter’s own work. I don’t mind a little self-promotion as long as it’s creative. So, all you self-promoters out there, try harder! Make sure your link has something to do with what you’re commenting on. And say something interesting, for crying out loud.

    OK, I’m done. And good morning.

  2.' CL says:

    This is a good one; we viewed it in lit class.

  3. Keir says:

    That’s some lit class you got there, Car Loan Insider. (I took the liberty of removing the link to your blog.) All right, all links to the MOOD Lounge are now BANNED. You’ve had your fun.

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