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Straight from the author’s mouth


Quick! How do you pronounce The Sword of Shannara? If you’re narrator extraordinaire Scott Brick, there’s no guessing. Read Scott’s blog post on how he compiles an audiobook glossary with the aid of a Radio Shack telephone recorder. I am always fascinated with the research that narrators do to make sure that each word is pronounced correctly. I’ve posted on resources that have tools to determine the correct pronunciation of proper & place names as well as online sound files to check the authenticity of an accent or dialect. But when it comes to the arcane language of fantasy novels, thank heavens for narrators who go straight to the source! Note to all you aspiring fantasy narrators – check the web site Dead or Alive to see if that phone call’s possible before you sign the contract 😉

And if you’re wondering about the results of Brick’s Share the Experience contest in conjunction with Audio Publishers Associationhere’s a post that updates you on the process of choosing the grand prize winner of personal audiobook narration coaching & a recording session with a major publisher. I can’t wait to hear the winner & runners-up selected from the field of 392 submissions!



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