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Book Trailer Thursday: Leviathan

When it came to making a book trailer for the series starter Leviathan, author Scott Westerfeld had more resources available to him than the usual $0.00 allotted by publishers. Or at least that’s the impression I get from this rather spectacular production, which is more exciting than the last 800 movie trailers I saw. The book is a World War I alternate history wherein the Clankers (those who put their faith in whiz-bang killing gadgets) wage war with the Darwinists (those who raise animals for battle, including what looks to be whale-blimps strapped with guns). In this video, Keith Thompson’s illustrations are brought to life in a herky-jerky manner that nails the whole steampunk vibe.

And the tagline is awesome: “Do you oil your war machines? Or do you feed them?” It seems to be working, too; the trailer has already been viewed over 38,000 times on YouTube, although some of the viewers seem to be a tad perplexed:

Ndarkplay09: me me me want that game ME!! where can I get it WHERE!!! TELL me? PLEASEEE (A)!

MonstroUK: It’s a book man. Not a game.

Ndarkplay09: a book , -.- , Grose
, -.-‘
nvm than, I wish it was a game though, would have been a nice one

Clearly “Ndarkplay09” is a Clanker.  Damn Clankers!

Verdict: Smashing. I had little interest in reading this book. Now I’m interested. Objective obtained.



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  1.' Jerry says:

    I’m afraid that reading the book will spoil the trailer for me.

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