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Webcomics Wednesday: Catching Up

One of the most frustrating aspects of the world of webcomics is finding one that looks like it would be a pretty nifty read, and then seeing that it’s on installment #206, which would mean you’d need to spend hours pouring through their archives to get caught up to the point where you can just plop it into your RSS feed reader and read the new entries on whatever weekly/biweekly/totally random schedule that they come out. What invariably happens is that I get about 25 entries in, have to go do something else, forget where I am when I think to revisit, and then pretty much abandon the whole shebang altogether.

Today, friends, there is hope.

Archive Binge is a pretty neato little service that compiles old entries from the archives of long-running webcomics into whatever size packets (from 1 to 10) you want, then delivers them to your feed reader however frequently you wish (ideally, at a faster clip than new ones come out, but I’m not the boss of you). It’s a pretty brilliant concept, but since it’s still new and they ask for permission, the list of available webcomics is pretty limited. That should change, though, as I can’t imagine any creator not wanting to be a part of this.

First up on my list is Wondermark, the zany strip that Monty Pythonly uses Victorian engravings and illustrations to tee up all kinds of absurd lampoonery. For older-fashioned, antiquated catching-up techniques, you could always get the “books” that are “printed” by Dark Horse for “reading” on the “page” (Beards of Our ForeFathers: A Collection of Wondermark Comic-Strips and Clever Tricks to Stave Off Death: Wondermark 2) but only if you’re ok being out-teched by these guys (after the jump):



Bonus math problem for supergeeks (which, if you’ve read this far down a post about streamlining your webcomics RSS feed delivery, means you)!

Wondermark is currently up to #548, and updates twice a week. I’m going to have Archive Binge deliver me five strips a day, seven days a week. How long until I’m caught up? Leave answers in the comments, and if you’re correct (remember to show your work!) then I’m totally impressed. And while I can’t necessarily promise a prize for the winner, I do promise a prize for the winner, maybe.



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  1. Keir says:

    As an employee of Booklist Incorporated, I am ineligible for the prize. Also, as an English major, I’m ineligible for math.

    But, speaking of offspring resulting from a non-hypothetical union (Disney + Marvel = TLF), check this out:

  2.' Jerry says:

    Hey, thanks for the tip on how to binge my feed, or whatever. I will definitely be doing that for my favorite webcomic, “Lio” by Mark Tatulli.

    Funny schtuff:

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