Book Trailer Thursday: The Girls' Guide to Rocking

Hey, punk. Yeah, you. That author with a camera in his or her hand. Put it down. Down, I say. What’s the freaking point? No book trailer you can create could possibly compare to the god-like gifts to humanity produced for Jessica Hopper’s The Girls’ Guide to Rocking.

The above infomercial is my fave–I can’t think of the line “Get your fries right!” without bursting into tears of joy–but that’s only the tip of the awesome. See Hopper’s versatile band manual rescue some fussy rockers, vanquish laziness, shave away pesky leg hair, prove its superior absorbancy, and clear up your freaky skin. I guess the only fair criticism is that most of these don’t have anything to do with rocking. Hold up–you mean each video features real-life rock stars? Dammit, Hopper, you thought of everything!!!

In all seriousness, though, these work. It gets me thinking of the book as a product that has a function–getting me to finally start my teenage girl band–while making me feel like that function will be a whole lotta fun. Which it will be, until the drugs and partying ruin us. (There’s probably a chapter on that, too.)

Verdict: Bow down. We are but servants to our new overlord Hopper.



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