One thing that does not thrill me is that the crime fiction field, in which I include thrillers, has split.  Thriller writers now have the International Thriller Writers Association and their own conference, Thrillerfest.  If you have your own convention, you have to have your own awards, so now we have the Thriller Awards. 

OK, I will get over it because it is still a way to find good books for a thriller book discussion.  This year’s awards, given out in July in New York, were no exception. 

The Best Thriller of the Year award went to Jeffery Deaver’s The Bodies Left Behind.  It is set in that thrilling landscape that I live in:  Wisconsin.  It is about two women thrown together by circumstance, one a deputy and the other a pampered city girl, who must run for their lives.  Thanks, Jeffery, now I can’t walk in the woods. 

The Best First Novel went to a great book by Tom Rob Smith called Child 44.  My review of this book appeared here on September 8, 2008 ( 

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  1.' Kaite Stover says:

    They need a better name for that award besides ‘Thriller Award.’ The conference could use a moniker makeover, too. But I don’t have time to brainstorm for them. I’m off to find a copy of the Deaver.

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