The Crime Writers’ Association in England is a smart bunch of folks.  They have taken their annual awards and split them into two groups.  While the October announcements of the winning fiction may lead to great titles for book discussions, the recent announcements of other award winners included their Dagger in the Library award which goes to “the author of crime fiction whose work is currently giving the greatest enjoyment to library users.”02_head

This year’s choice is Colin Cotterill, the author of the Dr. Siri series.  Dr. Siri retires at age 72 in 1975 only to have a communist takeover occur in his country of Laos.  This leads to the dear doctor being appointed national coroner.  Bad for the doctor, good for his readers. 

You will find that these books have a great sense of wit about them as well as a fascinating settings (both politically and geographically) and powerful characters to enjoy. 

Whenever recommending series titles to book discussion groups I always indicate my preference:  start with book one if it is discussable.  I can assure you that The Coroner’s Lunch (2004) is a great book for a discussion.  If members of your discussion like this one, there are five more they can read including the brand new The Merry Misogynist

Please visit the author at http://www.colincotterill.com or CWA at http://www.thecwa.co.uk/daggers/2009/index.html.



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