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conrad_candyYou have to admire 23-year-old Lauren Conrad. TV star? Yes! Fashion designer? Yes! And now, a best-selling author of the YA novel, L.A. Candy. Despite her celebrity, Lauren faces the same pitfalls other writers do. As she noted in a recent interview (“‘Hills’ ex-star Conrad’s career is alive as writer,” by Alicia Rancilio, Chicago Sun-Times):

The deadlines can be stressful because it’s kind of a forced creativity.

That is so true, Lauren.  She continues:

You want to take your time, and the publisher’s like, “Yeah, but we’re going to need it in like a week.”

Really, though, a compressed time frame should be a plus for Lauren. Once she finishes the two books left on her contract, she can move on to her true dream: “I really, really want to produce.”



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