Modern Art, Anyone?

Here in the Midwest, there is currently great excitement about the recent opening of the Modern Wing at The Art Institute of Chicago (AIC).  One of the ways the museum is spotlighting this momentous occasion is by inviting its book club members to read My Love Affair with Modern Art, by Katharine Kuh, the woman behind the development of  the AIC’s  modern art collection.  If you have an interest in learning more about modern art, or are planning to visit the Modern Wing on your next trip to Chicago (possibly the ALA annual conference next month?),  this is definitely a title worth checking out — and perhaps you’ll be inspired to use it as the basis for one of your next discussions!



About the Author:

Ted Balcom lives in Arlington Heights, IL and conducts workshops on leading book discussions, about which he has also published a book: Book Discussions for Adults: A Leader’s Guide (American Library Association, 1992).

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