T.A. Barron: Not Insane!

In my interview with fantasy scribe T. A. Barron, he tells how, when he quit his venture capital job to write books, a partner tried to refer him to a therapist. Many striving writers face similar reactions when they make the plunge, and no wonder: it can be a quixotic quest, and all too often the would-be author ends up gristle in the windmill.

But, woo boy, not Barron. He’s finishing up Book Three in the Merlin’s Dragon trilogy, the last in a staggering 12-book cycle of Merlin books. Twelve?! Most people couldn’t construct 12 sandwiches, much less gargantuan fantasy epics featuring hundreds of characters and oodles of irresistible maps. (Drawn by Barron, of course.)

So that former business partner was wronger than wrong, eh? Keeping track of his invented worlds (and even working environmental themes into most of his stories) has not landed Barron in the nuthouse! In fact–bitter, cigar-chomping writers of the world, hold on to your whiskeys–Barron seems downright jolly. Great Merlin’s ghost! This guy’s life is a fantasy, indeed.



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