Mother Poems by Hope Anita Smith

mother-poemsCindy & Lynn: Happy Mother’s Day! Mother Poems (Henry Holt, 2009) is an emotional journey through grief and healing after a young girl loses her mother too soon. To honor the extraordinary powers of mothers everywhere, we’d like to share the celebratory poem that accompanies Smith’s collage illustration seen on the front cover. We’ve known she was a talented poet, having reviewed Keeping the Night Watch last fall on our original blog, but we are delighted with Smith’s illustration skills as well. Happy Mother’s Day to all Superhero Moms out there, ours included!


I know Batman has
a really cool car.
And Spider-Man can swing on a web
like Tarzan.
But I have a better superhero than that.
I know that Wonder Woman can
deflect bullets with her bracelets.
And the Bionic Man can leap thirty feet in the air
and has superhuman speed.
But I have a better superhero than that.
I have a superhero who lifts me out of
and rocks me in her arms.
I have a superhero who knows how much
danger I’d be in without her
and travels the heart of darkness to come
back to me.
All the other superheroes are just pretenders to
the throne
because I have the ultimate superhero,
the one with eyes in the back of her head.
She sees all and knows all.
She guards my closet door and keeps monsters
at bay.
She knits me a protective force field that
also keeps me warm at night.
She is always just where I need her to be.
Just when I need her to be.
She is the mother of all superheroes.
She is my mom.

— Hope Anita Smith



About the Author:

Cindy Dobrez and Lynn Rutan are Booklist reviewers and middle-school librarians who have chaired both ALA’s Best Books for Young Adults and the Michael L. Printz Award for YA Literature committees. Follow Bookends on Twitter at @BookendsBlog. You can also find Cindy at @cdobrez and Lynn at @482april.

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  1.' Aishah says:

    I luv thiz 1 soo much Happy Mothers day

  2.' Katherine says:

    This is a wonderful poem – thank you for sharing it.

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