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Reading Edward Humes’ Eco Barons delivered many revelations, and many more discoveries ensued when I had the pleasure of speaking with Humes for our Story behind the Story. Humes continues his green inquiry on his Eco Barons blog, and I’m still mulling it all over.

 One bit of information that didn’t make it into either the review or the feature involved an outstanding  fiction writer of high imagination and far-reaching empathy, Lydia Millet, the author most recently of a work of striking ecofiction, How the Dead Dream. I was fascinated by Humes’ account of the founding, by Kieran Suckling and Peter Galvin, of the Center for Biological Diversity, and they work they do, and then I experienced one of those webby moments when I learned that Lydia Millet is married to Suckling. Now I’ve learned that Millet has written a booklet to celebrate the Center’s 20th anniversary, Center for Biological Diversity: Twenty Years of Saving Species. Naturally it’s a great read, and it’s full of beautiful photographs. I sure do like it when a writer not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk.



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  2.' Sara says:

    The (brilliant) Director’s name of the Center for Biological Diversity is Kieran Suckling (not Kiernan).

  3. Donna Seaman says:

    Hi Sara,

    Thank you so much for catching this. And I’m happy to hear from someone who agrees that Kieran Suckling is brilliant.

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