An Old-School Look for the Books of the Future

Day of the TriffidsBook-cover enthusiasts should stop by The Art of Penguin Science Fiction, where they’ll find an arresting mosaic of Penguin sf book covers; click on a thumbnail image and you’ll be taken to a detail page with a larger image and an interesting note about the cover or the author or, perhaps, the difficulty of defining science fiction. To wit:

Wyndham’s desire to be seen as a mainstream author was never quite realised. To readers and critics alike he was an sf writer and always would be. For ultimately sf is what readers recognise as sf, or, as Harry Harrison once put it, “sf is what I am pointing at when I say science fiction”. This, and other tautologies like it, reveal the difficulty of trying to define sf, for while the debate continues the fact remains: science fiction is science fiction, as sure as eggs is eggs.

If you want to see more than a teensy tiny thumbnail, check it out!

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  1. It was fascinating to view the art on the Penguin Science Fiction Books.

    Visions of “The Kraken Awakes” and “The Day of the Triffids” came flooding back.

    It was very interesting to compare that art work with the artwork by Wendy Arakawa on my own recent science fiction publication.

    The link is:


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