Edgars and Arthur C. Clarke Award Winners Announced

Winners were  announced for the 2009 Edgars. Among them, Booklist alum John Green received an award for Best YA novel.  The others big winners are:

Best Novel

Blue Heaven, by C.J. Box

Best First Novel
The Foreigner, by Francie Lin

Best Paperback Original

China Lake, by Meg Gardiner

Best Fact Crime

American Lightning: Terror, Mystery and the Birth of Hollywood, and the Crime of the Century, by Howard Blum 

Best Short Story

“Skinhead Central,” Mystery Writers of America Presents: The Blue Religion, by T. Jefferson Parker

Best Juvenile

The Postcard, by Tony Abbott

Best Young Adult

Paper Towns, by John Green

S&S/Mary Higgins Clark Award

The Killer’s Wife, by Bill Floyd

To see the shortlist, click here.

In other awards news, Song of Time by Ian R. MacLeod won the Arthur C. Clarke Science Fiction Award earlier this week. Although, you might not want to tell him his book is falls into the science fiction category:

 “Categories are for wimps and publishers. They’re things that real writers should challenge rather than accept,” [MacLeod] told fellow author Stephen Hunt. “I used to think when I first reached adulthood in the 70s and realised I really did want to be a writer that SF would become something bigger and broader than what it then was. That writers like Ballard and Silverberg on the genre side and Fowles and Golding on the mainstream side were already producing stuff which would make the old distinctions irrelevant. That hasn’t happened. Or at least not yet. Fact is, SF got more ghettoised rather than less. But there do seem to be encouraging signs that the broader genre of fantastic fiction which I believe I work in is getting both more edgy and finding greater of mass appeal.”  Arthur C Clarke award goes to Ian R MacLeod’s Song of Time, by Alison Flood, The Guardian.



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