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More Ballads to Ballard

Two more interesting appreciations of J. G. Ballard. On Salon, Simon Reynolds considers “The unlimited dreams of J. G. Ballard“:

But in death as in life, Ballard never quite got his full due as a thinker as well as a storyteller; he was a penetrating and endlessly provocative theorist about the intersections between culture and technology, media and desire. This tendency to think of him only as a fabulist is understandable to an extent, given that he never wrote a full-length book of nonfiction that condensed and focused his ideas. Instead his insights, speculations and polemical barbs are scattered across a panoply of reviews, columns, memoiristic essays, think pieces and single-topic commentaries written for or spoken to newspapers looking for the Ballardian take on some current event, issue or innovation.

And on (“J. G. Ballard“), writers–including songwriters–are discussing Ballard’s influence.

Thom Yorke: lead singer, Radiohead

He turned a mirror on our super-Cannes world and revealed transparent dysfunctional creations playing out bit parts in a play with no author.
It was a dirty job but someone had to do it.



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