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Bookends Needs Your Oxymoron Booklists

bookends_buttonFrom Bookends:

Cindy and Lynn: Recently on YALSA-BK listserv there was a request for suggestions from a librarian who wanted a list of “Clean Vampire” novels. Now, we appreciate the efforts to satiate the Stephenie Meyer Twilight fans and are working hard to do that ourselves, but really, clean vampire stories? It’s our feeling that if you don’t want blood and sex in your vampire story, you really don’t want a vampire story. I mean, since zombies are the new vampire this spring, what’s next? Requests for zombie stories without the dead?

The post ends with a call for other oxymorons. So far the comments are a bit, shall we say, straightlaced? Come on, help ’em out! (I suggested “memoirs where the authors don’t write so much about themselves.”)



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