April Fooled

One of the nice things about the World Wide Web (darn it, I like those capital letters) is the way it makes it so easy to share April Fool’s jokes. There was Peter D. Sieruta’s “Graveyard Book to Be Stripped of Newbery?” There was “Smell of Books: An Aerosol E-book Enhancer“–and there was Kassia Krozser at Booksquare (“Enough with the Smell of Books, Okay?“), who appeared to be taking it seriously, although one commenter did ask, “Is this like meta-April Fool’s territory, where someone pretends to believe a joke?” Now she has an out if she needs one.

And there was the short-lived gag on Booklist Online that will live on only through this direct link.

Good times.

I also really enjoyed the Google gag, too.



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