Book written by Computer Wins Odd Title Competition

The 2009-2014 World Outlook for 60-milligram containers of Fromage Frais won Philip M. Parker the dubious honor of oddest book title of the year, given by Bookseller magazine.

But wait, it gets odder. Parker is the author of 200,000 books! Don’t get too excited. He didn’t actually write them. Instead, he invented and patented a machine that writes books with information combed from online databases and complex Internet searches. Some may cry foul–who can compete with a lean, mean Fromage Frais container forecasting machine? However, Philip stone, Bookseller‘s award administrator had another view:

“I think it’s slightly controversial as it was written by a computer, but given the number of celebrity memoirs out there that are ghostwritten, I don’t think it’s too strange.” (“Oddest Book Title prize goes to treatise on fromage frais,” by Alison Flood, The Guardian)



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