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Raymond Chandler Would Have Been 120 Years Old Today

Fifty years ago today, Raymond Chandler died at the age of 70. On, Isaac Adamson (Kinki Lullaby, 2004), an author “owing no small debt to Mr. Chandler,” has written an essay called “The Slumming Angel“–worth reading as a way to remember the crime-fiction giant.

Also, take a moment to read Bill Ott’s review of Chandler’s Collected Stories (2002) and Connie Fletcher’s review of The Raymond Chandler Papers (2001).

Better yet, take one of Chandler’s books off the shelf and read that.

Update: Talk about a synaptic misfire on my part. (Remember, I’m a book person, not a math person.) But since I’m not wrong, the headline stays!



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  1.' Frank Wilson says:

    Well, Keir, I’m no math guy, either. In fact, I am so numilliterate my college algebra teacher asked me to drop his course. And you’re right: The headline is correct, so it should stay.

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