Getting Even

Just because I was the last one picked for dodgeball doesn’t mean I don’t have a competitive nature, and I’m totally bummed that no one invited me to the Booklist editors’ gaming session at Jake’s (see the “Dark & Stormy Afternoon” posts for more info).

So rather than get mad, I’m getting even. To distract Likely Stories readers from the play-by-play of nerd vs. nerd, I’m posting about Write Time, a blog that is calling Book Links magazine “a fantastic resource for teachers and a great way for writers to keep up with what’s being published.” Write Time’s blogger, a writer/teacher/mom, became aware of Book Links through Sylvia Vardell’s blog Poetry for Children. If you’re getting ready for National Poetry Month in April, both of these blogs feature lots of food for thought on sharing poetry with children.

So take that, you nerdy game-playing editors.



About the Author:

Laura Tillotson was the editor of Book Links magazine from 2006 to 2011 and Booklist's Books for Youth editorial director from 2008 to 2011. Before joining Booklist she was an editor at Cricket and Spider magazines.

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  1. Keir says:

    The only reason we didn’t invite you is that we knew your first-line wisdom would have hit us harder than a quarterback’s dodgeball striking the bespectacled face of a last-picked player. You’ll be more than welcome to join future games–in fact, I’m thinking we need to have a tournament!

    But thanks for the sorely needed distraction.

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