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A President Who Reads


It feels so good to write those words! President Obama is a reader, as this recent New York Times article by esteemed critic Michiko Kakutani attests. Perhaps I should qualify that with a President who reads and even talks about books. The article mentions that Bush read quite a few books, too, but I don’t seem to recall his ever talking about them or sharing his love of reading with Americans in any substantial way. Laura Bush, yes, George W., not so much.

I just had to share this article with the blog. The books included in this article that Obama has mentioned as being among his favorites would make for an excellent book group line-up. A nice mixture of fiction and nonfiction.

One just hopes that our 44th President has any time for leisure reading!




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Misha Stone is a readers' advisory librarian with The Seattle Public Library. Follow her on Twitter at @ahsimlibrarian.

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  1.' Glenda says:

    I think President Bush had more important things to do. Maybe if Obama is lucky (and we are too) he won’t have to go through a 9/11 and he’ll have lots of time to talk about reading.

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