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Preparing for Seattle Reads 2009, Part 1

For the past two weeks, the Fiction Department, with the assistance of our Teen librarians (I should also mention that our colleagues in the Arts and History Departments have also been working on a nonfiction booklist, and on supporting programs), has been feverishly working on pulling together various documents for the Reading Group Toolbox for our 2009 Seattle Reads My Jim program.

For many years, the Fiction Department has been involved in creating discussion questions for the selected books, as well as finding biographical information and interviews on the author, and assembling suggested reading in fiction and books for teens with annotations.

This year, because Nancy Rawles’ novel, My Jim, was inspired by Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, we created discussion questions for Twain’s book as well, and worked on an essay about the controversy of Twain’s classic American novel. So we worked on more background material than usual, and had to pull it all together post-snowstorms and holiday vacations.

I can honestly say that every year it is a thrill and a privilege to work on the Reading Group Toolbox for Seattle Reads. For one, it is so fun to have a common project, to sink your teeth into one book or one author’s work, with the guiding thought of how to serve and support Seattle’s various book groups and many readers.

We all pitched in to work on our various assignments, all contributed to editing the pieces and working to make a cohesive whole that would do some justice in preparing readers to discuss My Jim and Huckleberry Finn.

When it all came together, draft after draft, in its final form, I was so proud of the work that we did. I cannot wait to see it all in print, and to share it with the readers of Seattle and of BGB! I will let you know as soon as it’s released!



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