Costa Awards Announces Category Winners

The Costa Awards announced winners in the individual awards categories. Lifetime free coffee refills went to:

First Novel

The Outcast, by Sadie Jones (HarperCollins)


The Secret Scripture, by Sebastian Barry (Viking)


Somewhere Towards The End, by Diana Athill (Norton)


The Broken Word, by Adam Foulds (Jonathan Cape)

Children’s Book

Just Henry, by Michelle Magorian (Egmont)

The prize isn’t really lifetime free refills (Which it should be. I mean, $4 bucks a cup? Come on!), but 5,000 pounds, or $7,347 US.

However, the nail-biting is not quite over. Costa has yet to pick the overall winner from the five individual category winners. That prize is worth 25,000 pounds, which buys a heck of a lot of coffee.

So who will win? The novice, The Man Booker also-ran, the oldest category winner in the 31-year history of the Costa Awards, those other two we didn’t get a chance to review? Stay tuned, the overall winner will be announced later this month.



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